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Parental Involvement

Parental involvment is ESSENTIAL to the Suzuki approach. The Suzuki parent's interest goes beyond merely "exposing the child to music lessons and recitals". Parents of beginning children actually learn to play the instrument as well! This allows the parent to feel more secure in becoming the home teacher. The single most important ingredient for success is the parent's willingness to devote time in working closely with the child and teacher. Parents are required to read "Nurtured by Love" and/or "Ability Development from Age Zero", both written by Dr. Suzuki. These books will aid in better understanding the Suzuki philosophy. They may be purchased or borrowed from your local public library.

Purchase, as soon as possible, the Suzuki School Volume One with accompanying CD for the instrument of choice and begin listening to the wonderful recording DAILY! You will be creating the desired environment for learning and you and your child will be well on your way to quicker learning! Confidence and enthusiasm come with mastering the repertoire!!