Beaches Suzuki School Of Music Admin

School Policy

Prospective families must observe at least 1 private lesson and/or 1 group class BEFORE they may register for our program. Families are free to observe as many lessons as they feel in order to commit to our music program.

Parents are asked to purchase the CD and the print music copy of the Suzuki repertoire before the first lesson. Daily listening to the beautifully recorded repertoire should begin as soon as possible.

All parents must read "Nurtured by Love". We highly recommend reading "Ability from Age Zero". These items along with the required CD’s and print music can be purchased at: Remenyi House of Music, 210 Bloor St. W, Toronto, ON 416 961-3111 or The Sound Post, 92 Grenville Street, Toronto, ON 416 971-6990. These books are also available from your local library.

Classes begin the second week of September to June for a total of 36 weeks. Lessons in the summer are available for those students wishing to continue and the year's progress.

A non-refundable registration fee applies each year per student. Registration for siblings is reduced upon enrollment. This payment by cheque is made out to Beaches Suzuki School of Music.

The BSSM program is divided into 6 terms. Term payments and due dates are disclosed to all prospective parents.

Parents are expected to bring 6 post-dated cheques made payable to the Beaches Suzuki School of Music, to be collected at the student’s first lesson covering each of the 6 terms. Parents are notified of the term dates and amounts prior to the first lesson.

Parents who wish to pay for the entire year in September may do so.
If payment for music lessons is not received by the second lesson of the term, the teacher has the right to withhold instruction until payment is received.
There is a charge of $25 for an NSF cheque.

All families will be provided with group class schedules, concert dates, term due dates and fees and newsletters.

Once enrolled, families are expected to complete a full year of instruction.
Parents are required to bring a notebook for note taking in the lesson and a writing utensil or a recording device if preferred. As cell phone use has become a major distraction, we ask that parents refrain from using their devices during class time.
All students will be placed in a group class according to level. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY and group classes are an essential part of the Suzuki method.
Concerts and recitals are part of the school curriculum. That is, they are listed as group class events and participation is expected.

Attendance will be taken at each group class by the group teacher. Parents may be required to sign in. Children whose attendance is below 80% may be asked to sit out of the approaching concert.

Parent meetings further parent education in this dynamic method and are considered group classes – ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY FOR THOSE PARENTS WHO ARE NEW TO OUR PROGRAM!

Parents are required to notify their private teacher directly of any absences as soon as possible.

Lessons cancelled by a parent with less than 24 hours notice will not be made up. Only lessons cancelled due to exceptional circumstances will be made up at the discretion of the teacher. The school is not required to reimburse families for classes missed while the family is away on vacation.